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Hi......Anyone got any advice on using euros/card in Brussels??

I'm  going to Brussels for the day next week to buy tobacco.

Should I take Euros as I would normally do or better to use a card for purchase? 

Which is going to be cheaper, more acceptable?

Any ideas??

Yes I do know that smoking is bad for me and I shall have to self isolate for 2 weeks on my return!!

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Definitely card

I'm trying to crack Sue's code here. Why would we need to know that anyone's going to buy tobacco, even down at the corner shop? Why would anyone need to travel so far for a day to buy tobacco? Why would anyone inflict 2 weeks' self isolation on herself for a smoke?  Since the amount of baccy is within government guidelines, won't she have smoked it all before the 14 days' isolation is up, granted she's this desperate? So I'm still working on decoding all this Brussels tobacco/euros/cash/card/whole day saga. If I only had my odd friend Saga from The Bridge to cut to the chase. But then that would be Scandi rather than Brussels. This will be a 3-pipe solution at least - so, Sue, save me some of that tobacco. 

I think Poirot is your man in this instance.

But of course, Will. How could I have made suchet mistake?

Very disappointed in ye OAE. The current Water Rats advice is that there are  no limits to the alcohol and tobacco you can bring in from EU countries. BUT they also advise that you’re "more likely to be asked questions if you have more than the following amounts" - for tobacco it's one kilo. So if Sue isn't keen on answering questions, she'd still have a kilo to play with and while I'm not au fait with Sue's consumption, I'm sure she'd not manage a kilo in two weeks. I accept I might be wrong though.



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