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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Spotted two cars where drivers' side windows had been smashed in last weekend, and another today - all on Burgoyne Road. Presumably people leaving valuables in view / opportunists trying their luck. 

Keep your stuff safe!

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I think there's a spate - I wish they'd catch the idiots! 

We had our window broken on Warham a few weeks ago - and I've seen others on our street.  The guy who fixed the glass said they don't smash it, but lever it at a weak point with a screwdriver or other tool they carry for that purpose. He showed us the marks where this had happened.  This means it's quiet and efficient.  He said they were 'professionals' (meaning they'd done it multiple times -  not that they studied it for years!). 

We had nothing of value in the car (on view or otherwise) so they only stole our supermarket trolley pound, but the repair cost £135 :(. We also believe they did it in broad daylight possibly around the 3.30 school pick up.  I've noticed other cars with broken windows also had kids seats in the back.

If anyone has relevant cctv camera footage of the street the police told me they would like to have footage.



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