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Hi all - a slightly desperate plea for information. My car (red Mitsubishi Outlander) was stolen from the western (top) end of Pemberton Rd at some point between Saturday 21 Jan at 2pm and Monday 23 Jan at 6pm. There's no broken glass on the street, I have the keys and if anyone had cloned them they'd have had to spend a while de-icing it before driving off if it was more than a couple of hours after I parked, plus it locks itself if you leave it unlocked for more than 30secs, I'm as sure as I can be that I locked it and there wasn't anyone around when I parked it unless they were hiding very well.

Did you see anyone frantically trying to de-ice a red Outlander on Pemberton Rd over the weekend? It could possibly have just been lifted onto a truck too - did you see that happen?

Thanks very much to the folks in the local chat group who've already checked their cctv and wotnot - it doesn't seem to have captured anything from what we've got so far. If anyone else on Pemberton has cctv or a Ring doorbell or similar that covers the road and might have "seen" the car driving down the road, it could help narrow the timescale.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm reconciled to the idea that it's not coming back, but if I'm going to sleep soundly, I need to know I've checked every avenue and there's not much the police can do without some kind of lead to go on!

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Possibly a long shot, but have you phoned the council? As it was covered in ice, and no broken glass, could it have been towed away? 

Thanks - that's not the case (the one time I wish it were!) The council doesn't have it and it was parked legally in any case.

I had exactly the same thing, just over a year ago. Also an Outlander. Stolen from Fairfax. No broken glass or anything. Police gave up in a day due to lack of evidence. Surprisingly enough, I was not parked in front of home, so the trick they use on some keys (somehow amplifying and reflecting the signal from the car onto nearby doors/windows) should not have worked.

I have since learnt that someone has devised a trick where they don't even need a key to gain access, they can approach the car with a gizmo that works by proximity and unlocks the car in seconds. Once they have access to the car, they plug into the diagnostics' port and generate a key in a few seconds more and they walk away with the car cleanly in less than a minute. There are some scary videos around.

If you choose to get another one, steering locks (which acts as deterrent) or additional security switches that disable ignition are the most effective measures, by the looks of it.

If it's any consolation, in the month of December alone there have been 8 stolen vehicles in the ladder alone. Since I get the LCSP newsletter, it seems to be quite the norm.

I am really sorry about it all. You are right about it, reconciling with the idea it's not coming back probably is the only thing you can do. 

So sorry to hear this - our Outlander silently vanished from outside our house on Mattison a couple of years ago, again with no sign of broken glass etc. The police were utterly uninterested. My personal belief is that there must be some quite extensive wholesale organised crime going on in order to be shifting as many cars as apparently are taken, but that’s another thread! 

Yeah there is, mainly via container to Eastern Europe where they are either chopped for parts or just sold on the open market as governments there don't seem to care, much like our own police force.

I love how prejudiced you are! Can you explain to me please what do you mean by Eastern Europe exactly and provide thorough details of the aforementioned topic of yours, how governments "there" don't seem to care.

Cars are stolen? Of course it's the "Eastern European"crime gangs, right? People begging on the streets? Of course it's Eastern European crime gangs, right? People getting mugged in Haringey? Of course no one else can be responsible but the people "with Eastern European accents and dressed as Eastern Europeans", right?

I am getting very tired of reading complacent comments from some Brits like you. 

And Africa too. It seems many are shipped to Ghana as well as east Africa where they drive on the same side as us.


As an Eastern European who grew up witnessing large numbers of ‘imported’ western vehicles materialise in a small rural town with great regularity I’d say that the stereotype is broadly correct. Can’t say I am pleased about it but let’s call a spade a spade.



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