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Does anyone know how this is working in Islington and what the chances of it happening in Haringey are?


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I don't know the answer to your question, but it's great to see a scheme opening up possibilities for people/cars.

I also think that roaming should be extended to neighbouring boroughs, living on the 'borders' is tough luck otherwise.

On the whole, I find it outrageous that people have nowhere to park their cars where so many spaces are empty all day long... And I find it mad that parking hours and restrictions can vary from one bit of a road to the next!

The discussion kind of happened here:

http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/parking-charges-killing...'t under


Wanting to use your car can sometimes be seen as a green crime. But I agree parking in London has become completely ridiculous.

I can understand that there need to be limits as there are so many people and cars. But it's killing the local high street that can't compete with big out of town shopping centres ample free parking.

There needs to be a balance. I think people don't realise that not everyone is able to use public transport. But even if they are able to what's the difference between driving to a shopping centre and parking and driving to shops in your borough and parking? Ultimately if people want to use their cars they will, they'll just choose to do it in a more convenient way, which unfortunately leads to the demise of the high street. 

if enough people want this to happen maybe Haringey will get a roaming scheme like the one in Islington.

I've emailed councilor canver:




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