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Just driven down Hewitt Rd and a large car is parked in the middle of the road - there's a wheelie bin behind it with an arrow diverting traffic around the car. Very strange, and hard to see your way in the darkness. 

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If you read above, Pam, someone has written that the vehicle couldn’t be moved since it’s automatic. I guess since the RAC were called, they will have advised on this matter. 

I'm surprised you can't even push an automatic car just to the side of the road though, in neutral gear.  I'm sure I had to do that with my cars in the past and I've driven automatic for years. But they were perhaps more 'analogue' vehicles...

Seems you can now unlock cars by phone from across London - my friend's son did it so that she could put in a permit.

if you have no electrics, you can't shift some cars into neutral. 



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