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Just driven down Hewitt Rd and a large car is parked in the middle of the road - there's a wheelie bin behind it with an arrow diverting traffic around the car. Very strange, and hard to see your way in the darkness. 

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It’s been there since the early afternoon. We’re assuming that for some reason it can’t be moved. What’s notable is the people have very sensibly not parked alongside it to allow cars to pass. 

Yes, thank goodness - at first I thought  I 'd have to reverse up the road in the frosty dark...

It belongs to a resident of the road who was very generously giving another resident whose car had broken down a jump start when the electrics on his car packed up. Being an automatic it locked and could not be moved. He then called the AA and donned a high-vis jacket and retreated to the start of Hewitt to notify traffic and wait for rescue. The AA being busy in London outsourced the job to a smaller company who over the course of the day, failed on at least 2 occasions to send the right equipment to repair and then move the car. 

The poor fella has a young family with a very new adddition and this must have been a hugely stressful day all from trying to do a neighbour he saw in need and didn't know a favour!! 

Poor guy! There was a post on HoL recently about the perils of jump-starting in newer cars...

Yes that was me commenting about the very expensive consequences of having our car jumped by a neighbour. I did wonder when I read JAL’s comments if our neighbour’s car suffered a similar fate as a result of being used as the jump vehicle. 

Yes, it's now the equivalent of jumpstarting a laptop if that helps you remember it.

I had a costly experience jump starting a neighbours car a couple of years back, dislodged a hose causing a leak in our engine bay.

The AA guy that came out told me NEVER to jump start a car - a power surge can ruin all the electrics apparently, he said it's relatively rare but can cause a lot of damage. He said best off calling them out - they don't mind. Is a shame - as is a nice neighbourly thing to be able to do. 

Hope you manage to get yours fixed up Andrew.

Yup that’s what happened to me. I had to replace the entire instrument panel. Cost a pretty penny too. 

Many apologies to all for this - it’s my car.

Just another local - summed up the situation pretty well.

The latest update it that the AA have assured me (not holding my breath) that tthey’re defiantly sending the right vehicle that can do a full crane lift, between 1230-1330 today (Sunday).

Not your fault. Glad for your sake that you seem to have been able to get it sorted. 

What happened to good oldfashioned push starts?  [I don't know which way the hill points in Hewitt.]

Doesn't work very well with an automatic



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