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Car break in on Warham Road - Pram stolen- Did you see anything?

Hi all,

Today we've had the 3rd break in into our car in 5 weeks. We live on Warham Road and the car is a black BMW. The break in today happened between 5.30am-8.30am. 

Just like the previous times the individual seems to have a device which allows him to open the car. And just like the last time the break in happened between 5.30-8.30am. 

This time he/she stole the pram from the boot. It was a black Baby Zen YoYo.

If you live on Warham Road and think you can help us, please private message me and I will give you some more info about the car and house number. 

Also if you happen to see a black Babyzen YoY pram pop up for sale on Harringay Online, Gumtree or Facebook (in groups around here), it'd be great if you could please notify me. 

I keep the keys in special pouches so the radio frequency cannot be picked up, yet this individual is still able to access our car. Any suggestions how we can protect ourselves going forward are greatly appreciated as BMW has been totally useless in giving advice or helping us.

Thanks so much everyone. We are a bit shaken up by all this given the frequency of break ins right in front of the house. So any help, advice, or tips would really help us.



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My father in law might be able to help as knows quite a lot about BMW's. He'd need to know make and model. If you want to msg me to give the info I could see if he could chat to you over the phone?

Thanks a lot. Just send you an invite to connect 



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