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My parents are coming to stay with me for the weekend soon and I've been a wee bit slow in applying for a weekend visitors' parking permit.

I'm not quite sure how they work but wondering if any kind soul might sell or swap me one (I will get one eventually!)? I think they cost £5 each. I live on Burgoyne Rd but happy to potter up/down the ladder to collect.

Thanks very much,


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You only need to sort Friday night and Saturday. Sunday is free, God knows why it's our biggest problem. You can just put 10 hours worth of 2 hour passes in the car (8am 'till 6pm), I "think" they're about 40p each and even your neighbour should have some if you don't.
Take two proofs of residence - eg Council tax demand, driving licence - to the Parking Office (old building just south of the Civic Centre ) and they will sell you what you want. They're cheap enough.
The parking office is open tomorrow (but not Friday or Saturday) - I went down today at about 10am for some and there was no queue.
I have spares, happy to help. Send me a direct message and we can sort it out.



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