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The Friends of Stroud Green Primary School have been contacted by Plus Rooms (https://plusrooms.co.uk/) who specialise in extensions and loft conversions. They've offered to donate £1000 to our PTA if we can find 50 homes happy to host a Plus Rooms sales board (like a an estate agents board) outside their home for 6 weeks.
They'll also give £1000 to Fareshare (a charity providing meals to vulnerable people) so this will be helping two great charities at once.
Please get in touch by emailing friends@stroudgreenprimary.com if you're happy to host a sign.
I appreciate we aren't the most local school to many residents of the Ladder, but it is my son's school and any extra funding we can secure will help to mitigate the shortfall that we're facing due to far fewer fundraising opportunities over the past year.

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