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This is a composting system where worms do the work. The idea is that you put your food scraps in the lowest tray, plus a lot of worms. When one tray is full, add the next, and the worms migrate up leaving compost behind in the lowest trays. The liquid generated ("worm juice") comes out via the tap, and is apparently very good for the garden.

Read more here: https://www.wormsdirectuk.co.uk/product/can-o-worms/ and here: https://wormfarmguru.com/can-o-worms-review/

Usually the system comes with 2 trays, but I got 2 more.

The system is fully intact, and has been cleaned.

Please note that to get started, you need a lot of worms, which you can buy online, e.g. via the 1st link above, or here: https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/products/composting-worms

From experience, for it to work well, you have to add an equal-ish amount of dry material in addition to the food scraps. If you only put in put in vegetable matter, it can easily turn into a squidgy smelly mess and the worms die off. Dry leaves are good, or even paper.

It retails for ~£90 (2 trays) plus £30 each for more trays. I am asking for £50.

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I’d be happy delighted take this please.

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OK, sure ... I'll send you a DM ....

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