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Can I really have read this correctly? I've just received a consultation from Haringey Council via a fairly roundabout route in which they propose a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) on the south gate of Finsbury Park .
This is the gate by Lidl's. The area they propose to cut off is actually across the gate,I think, and a little bit to either side of it, . They say that the area will be "restricted at all times to all persons" except a few exceptions,including the police, the fire brigade, and people with authority . They've already closed off the gazebo in the middle of the park at the Manor House end of the athletics track. They've done this by completely shuttering it, not a public spaces protection order but by fencing it off.
The drug dealers whom this was supposed to discourage seem to have set up in the woods immediately beside the gazebo. It's not served as discouragement at all ,but it has stopped the rest of us using the gazebo for any purpose whatsoever. .

Will this become a creeping process, whereby increasing numbers of small areas will be cut off to the public because of the behaviour of a few anti -social people. This doesn't seem to me like a good way for Haringey to go. , it's not the prevention of crime,it's the prevention of the quiet use and enjoyment of the greater number of us of various facilities, . I wonder how far it's going to creep . The text of the letter that I received via email and the attachment setting out the actual details of the order are below .

The text also appears on the Haringey website

Dear colleagues


This email is to remind you that the Finsbury Park (south side) pavement gating PSPO (Public Spaces Protection Order) consultation, commenced on the 2nd of January 2024 and ends on 13th of February 2024.  We are keen for you to share your views on the PSPO and welcome your participation.


More information about the Finsbury Park gating PSPO and consultation can be found on the Council website, here https://www.haringey.gov.uk/finsbury-park-south-side-pspo-gating-order


You can also have your say by scanning the following QR code with a mobile phone or tablet.


A qr code on a black background Description automatically generated



We are keen to reach as many of the local residents, community groups and business as possible, so please also feel free to share the link with your users, colleagues and other residents.


Kind regards


Joanne Appavoo


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This looks to be an accommodation for Lidl. Deliveries are a significant problem here. There is constant theft while the trucks offload, and they cause an obstruction to traffic. 

More privatisation of park and public space. Not sure how they can hold a consultation with no plans or clear description of what is actually being proposed. A red line on a zoomed out Google map really doesn't cut it.

It's another Haringey Council handout to the private sector. Any sign of the Harringay councillors?

This looks to me like an issue of poor illustrated. They used the pre-revision version of Google maps. So it take a little looking to correlate with the new version, but at core, the area marked in the draft order seems to run along the park boundary between the Lidl Building and halfway between that and the pathway inside the gate. Flicking between Google standard and satellite views, that looks like it takes the area from Lidly about up to the big plane tree. I don't think it goes as far as the gates. I assume they will make plans to relocate the cycle stands. 


You are probably right , Hugh. A not entirely unacceptable idea made to appear questionable by half hearted comminications.

If you look at old maps this area used to be part of the park. My response to the consultation was that it should be returned to the park. If it becomes scruffy storage for Lidl that would not be so good!

Well spotted - or is that shared knowledge amongst those championing the park?

That explains the presence of the large plane.



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