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Hi all.  I live in the new house at the top of Hewitt Road. It may look lovely (and it is lovely!) but oh my god SO many problems. Latest is major breakdown with the very complicated heating system and it may take weeks for the spare part to come (and of course the heating company has gone bust). I have hot water TG and a blow heater but I wonder if anyone has one of those superser portable gas heaters they could lend me meanwhile? Or anything similar? I would be so grateful. 

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Hi Aggie - what a pain with all this cold weather! I don’t have the sort of heater you are looking for, but could lend you another small blow heater, if that helps. I’m on the same road as you - we met a while back walking up the road.

Hello Martha - thanks v much for your offer (yes I remember you!). A neighbour in Allison R has a heater she can lend me. Cheers.

And do come up for a yoga session anytime! I am running regular small classes here, mainly for beginners. If you'd like to come for a (free) taster, just let me know! Aggie 

Thanks, glad to hear you have found something. I will definitely take you up on the yoga offer, as it’s still something I want to do but not got round to yet. I have your card so will be in touch soon.  Martha

Okeydokey! Just whenever you are ready. Aggie



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