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This image shows the occupation given for an individual in rural Norfolk in 1861. Given that I can find nothing listed for any such occupation as Gercus, I assume I'm just unable to read the handwriting. (I'm assuming that the (ap) means apprentice.

Can you help?

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Could it be Currier?  One who curries (finishes) leather? They would certainly have an established apprentice scheme and a City Guild...

Is the word General and those in the brackets GP ?

Ro Oland

Thanks. Good suggestions. 

it's a long shot but maybe if you could access a 'hark reader' like this one. be interesting to see what A.I. would make of it ?


https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/person/tree/179780065/person...   This "problem" is from the 1861 Census. For those with an "Ancestry" subscription, you can go direct to the census itself & browse right through the whole return from end to end . I have had a quick look right through myself, especially forwards. I came to the conclusion that he constantly mis-spells the word Grocer & a few others too !  He writes " Grocer & Draper " a few times for us and there is a "Grocer's shop boy" even !  From what I gather, Alfred Braddock spent many years in the drapery & allied world etc"  in different parts of London, before coming to Hornsey. As his own father was not exactly poor, he might have apprenticed his son to the Local Store?  Does the Martham Historian know if there was a Draper & Grocers business there ?  It is listed in this Census with the owner ? He is combined Grocer & Draper & his wife is described only as a Draper !

Perhaps it was a sign of the times to come but his father was a grocer and draper at North Creake in 1871.            http://marthamnorfolk.co.uk/?page_id=10679

I "emigrated" to Norfolk from Harringay in 1972 and believe me boh, tha loocals dew hev sum funny ol words n plaece naimes up ere.  Soes culd mean anyfin or nuffin ?      (I beg forgiveness of Norfolk natives).  Try listening to The Singing Postman for starters.

Interesting query Hugh and possible solutions.



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