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In my inbox just now from Change.org:

Right now the Winter Olympics are taking place in Sochi, Russia. This is despite criticism from around the world for Russia's new anti-gay lawsand the crackdown taking place on LGBT people in Russia.

Last year a petition highlighted the blatant infringement of both LGBTQ and human rights, and requested that the Olympics Committee relocate the games to show Vladimir Putin that his actions were reprehensible. Although in excess of 150,00 signatures were added within just a few days, sadly the International Olympic Committee was unable to act due to time limitations.

But we have four years until FIFA plan to bring the football World Cup to Russia. There is time to stop this.

Soccer fields and stadiums have long been a boiling pot of homophobic and racial tensions. Both the FA here in the UK and UEFA are beginning to tackle this problem. It is time they add full support to all of our causes and take a stand for LGBT rights around the world.

FIFA must act now. The decision of where to hold the World Cup will affect millions of people across the globe, we hope its choices are ones that will improve lives and not support oppression.


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Not trying to prove you wrong Hugh. Just musing on the practicalities of the new proposal. I suspect we might have been prevented from hosting the 2012 Games



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