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I went for a haircut on Green Lanes recently and the hairdressers are still only accepting payment in cash. Luckily I had plenty, as the cash I'd taken out several weeks ago was still in my purse, unspent.

Is this unusual, and if so, why are they doing this? I can understand not wanting to take cards for tiny amounts, although many places accept them for all payments or even require card payments only. But for a £30 haircut I would expect to pay by card almost everywhere.

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Last time a business I frequented on green lanes asked for cash only I was subsequently robbed at the atm! You can see my previous post on that experience. My policy now is to ask first what payment they accept and leave if they will only take cash. I’m not inconveniencing myself so they can avoid taxes.

If it is the hairdresser I think you are referring to then I recommend paying the exact amount as I received a counterfeit bill as change.  

Surely 'counterfeit note' ? Sorry!

The Salisbury only takes cards now.

Sure they must have at least one Cash till ?

Tesco's have Card Only tills 

Personally only use card. Saves me going to Bank or machine 

But do keep cash for Hairdresser and other services, e.g. Cabs 



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