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Bus times go mobile with beta test of Countdown app in London

Are you a five-minute walk from the bus stop, and wonder if you should run or just walk to catch the next one? If you were at the stop, you'd know because of the "countdown" systems in place. But now if you've got a smartphone, wonder no longer: Transport for London has made public its Countdown service, which indicates how long it will be until the next bus on any service arrives at a location.

The service's existence leaked out after an internal memo was sent to all TfL staff telling them about it, at countdown.tfl.gov.uk. Though it was meant to remain in private beta, news of the service rapidly leaked out and was spread around by open data fans. There is also a mobile test version, though it's intended for developers only.

Here's what I got a few minutes ago using the app on my mobile. (The first two screenshots are top and bottom of the first page):



Read the full article at The Guardian.....

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That's almost worth getting one of those fancy-schmancy phones for. Now if I can just get one that costs no more than £5 a month to run I may make the jump.
But can it cope with three coming along at once ?

Ooh handy. Just what you need when you are dithering at Manor House about whether to walk or not.


That said, what ever happened to the electronic reader thingy at that stop - weren't we told over a year ago that it was about to be fixed? A little more democratic than something that only people with smart phones can access.

been using for 3 or 4 weeks, comes in very handy at Manor House with the lack of bus indicator there.
No bus indicators at Manor House despite multiple promises from TfL.
Wow, this mobile page is amazing. Just tried it with the No. 40 outside my office and was spot on when the bus was due. One thing TFL consistently get right is their execution of internet technology.
This is wonderful. Thanks so much. I have book-marked it and tested it! I assume it's not actually an app at the moment so to use it you have to go onto the internet (useful but not as useful as an actual app). Let us know on this thread when there is an iPhone app please, Hugh! Many thanks
LOL - re the coping with 3 coming at once!!
Thank you!
that brilliant, i have bookmarked it so i can access it on my phone. The mobile ap does not seem to show times, and anyway will probably not work on the iphone.

The full app is now released and is even better!

What's the reference - is it the Countdown app.  There are a couple that I've downloaded - Bus Checker and Bus Times and they look good but there are mistakes on them, and also they don't always load properly.  I've found the one you originally gave us works much better although it's not a proper app.



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