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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

A plea to anyone thinking about burning rubbish to think about their neighbours. It's all windows shut here in Burgoyne while someone's back garden hosts a bonfire of sorts.

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Then it's a police or fire brigade matter because people are starting a fire on land they have no right to.

It's nice if you are able to walk away from it when you want to. When it's inescapable and you're going to smell of it for weeks it's a bit much. I don't mind a bonfire generally, but it doesn't hurt to do it at a time of the day when fewer people will be out in their gardens, or when the weather's not so great. Bang in the middle of the day when it's lovely and sunny is just a bit of an inconsiderate, selfish move. 

I'm with you V&M. It's also no fun when you have little ones. But each to their own Souvarine.
That makes three of us. I find smoke of any description very unpleasant.



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