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A plea to anyone thinking about burning rubbish to think about their neighbours. It's all windows shut here in Burgoyne while someone's back garden hosts a bonfire of sorts.

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You can't beat a load of damp grass and an old tyre on the fire.

Indeed! Nothing like it.

We had someone burning an old shed last week. Is it even allowed as London is smoke free?

Did you know this is illegal? Call the council and get it stopped.

Same here on Wightman today. All the washing has had to come in and all the doors and windows shut. Crap to be forced out of the garden on such a nice day.

According to the link above - "The burning of waste which emits smoke that causes a nuisance is illegal and is an offence under the Clean Air Act 1993 and action can also be taken under the Environmental Protection Act 1990" - from what you say  V&M it certainly appears to be a nuisance (that which causes offence, annoyance, trouble or injury) 

I feel for you!
I take it you don't feel brave enough to knock on the door and ask them to put it out ....
Would quite happily but I'm not sure where it's coming from. Not an immediate neighbour and could even be over the other side of the rail tracks. No big wafts of smoke to follow just an overwhelming smell. Seems to have burned out now though fortunately.

The problem is if people don't report this, the same people will continue to do it and get away with it. We all really owe it to the wider community to report it.

I'm assuming it's the same as noise complaints though - if there's no address to pin it on they're not very interested?

It's nice if you are able to walk away from it when you want to. When it's inescapable and you're going to smell of it for weeks it's a bit much. I don't mind a bonfire generally, but it doesn't hurt to do it at a time of the day when fewer people will be out in their gardens, or when the weather's not so great. Bang in the middle of the day when it's lovely and sunny is just a bit of an inconsiderate, selfish move. 



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