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There was a burglary in Seymour Road yesterday at about 7pm. 

The man was white, about 6ft, aged about 45-50, greying hair, bulky physique.

He rang the doorbell, pushed his way in, demanding cash and jewellery. 

As you can imagine it was a horrific ordeal for the person and I think its important that we can show some support and be careful who we open our doors to.


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The person who lives in the house is a gentle lady of 90 years old who suffered a very frightening experience.

I won't go into more detail for now. Police are on the case and specific advice/information may follow.

However, definitely worth re-iterating Ruth's advice - ie be careful when someone knocks. Its worth having a look from the window before you open the door.

How awful, thank you for alerting us Ruth and Mike.

How incredibly horrid.
Thank you for sharing so we can all be extra careful.

Does anyone know of any alert systems that could be used for vulnerable persons that would alert other people nearby when in need of immediate help?

I think Age Uk offer help with these personal alarms


Poor woman. It breaks my heart to think of anything like this happening to an elderly person. If there's anything we can do to help her, please let us know.

Everyone needs to keep vigilant. We dialled 999 recently when an intruder was seen in the back gardens in daytime, jumping over fences and the police came within minutes and caught them.

Well that's good to hear.  I have also always fantastic responses from the Police when the perpertrators of crimes are still present.  I think they get a kick out of catching people red-handed but also it is so much easier than trying to prosecute after the event.

That is really terrible. I hope someone is looking out for the lady because she must be feeling very vulnerable. And I hope the scumbag who did it is caught

She is getting lots of support from family and neighbours. Absolutely shocking incident.

What a dreadful experience which of course highlights the danger of opening  your front door to strangers!  We install door intercoms which work like a door bell with a phone handset inside, so you can question the door knocker; we always seem to be more vulnerable in winter when it gets dark and there are less people on the street! 

Think you'll find that's technically robbery not burglary if he forced the owner to let them in. (Sorry pedant)

Hope she wasn't hurt in all of this.

The ****** probably targetted her precisely because of her age and vulnerability.



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