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Has Buonissimo in West Green Road closed its doors for the last time? The shutters have been down all week with no message. It MAY just be August holidays but I fear the worst. The place was a very positive addition to the area, and was open all day every day for coffee, snacks and full meals. 

Has anybody got any information?

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I had an idea I heard someone say they were going to close for holidays sometime, but it seems very strange not to leave a message. I really hope not - they're by miles the best thing round this way.

They're on holiday for three weeks. 

Good! That means my kids can't hassle me for their appalling chocolate pizza (£8 for chocolate spread on pizza base) for a while. The rest of the menu is great though and I hope it doesn't close. Nice to have something close to home that's not on green lanes.
There is a message but behind the mesh shutter so hard to read through the holes. It said holiday dates I think till 3rd sept, and new management and menus afterwards as far as I could make it out. Always found the food and service great there with interesting pastas on the specials (amazing crab and courgette orichiette last time) , but has been not very busy even on a Saturday night a few weeks ago when we were in. Maybe just more marketing needed.

New management and menus sounds a bit worrying, though I can't help thinking they'd be a bit fuller during the day if they added a loss-leader £5 lunch to the menu.

I was walking past Buonissimo after dark the other night and the notice about the re-opening was illuminated so I could see it properly for the first time. I've never eaten a full meal there; what I like about it is the daytime coffee bar atmosphere. I hope they keep that going, though it is a bit empty sometimes during the day.

We can now definitively answer the original question. No thankfully Buonissimo has not closed its doors for the last time. It re-opened yesterday as scheduled and all the original staff still seem to be there. That's good- they're a friendly crew. It's also still open all day so still a coffee bar as well as an evening restaurant. So all seems fine at the moment. 

I've lived in the area for less than a year now and keen to try more local eateries I took my boyfriend to Buonissimo the other day.  It had been on my list to try for a while as I liked the look of the decor and once I saw a burrata appetiser advertised on the board outside.  Unfortunately we were disappointed.  The quality of the food was on a par with a central London tourist trap but the prices were actually higher if you ask me.  When they didn't have any sage for a butter sage sauce they offered mint instead! 

I wish I'd tried it out before the change in management.



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