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Has my favourite Italian coffee bar (and restaurant by night) finally closed? There was an ambulance parked outside late Monday night though the place was still open at that stage. The shutters have however been down ever since, and there doesn't seem to be a notice- though in the past they have placed them behind the shutters. Does anyone have any information? The place was a real asset to the West Green Road.

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I don't have any information but just wanted to agree, it's a great asset to West Green road & I'm a regular customer. Really hope it's open again soon.

I saw one of the young lads from the place at the side door this morning, Abi. He says they're "refurbishing" and will be open again in maybe two weeks. Don't know why they couldn't have told us in advance- I went in almost every day for a morning latte- and/or put a sign on the premises, but anyway let's hope he's right. 

I went there for dinner once and found it really disappointing.  Really like something I could have heated up from the supermarket.

The decor was the only good part - why are they refurbishing I wonder?

It's changed hands I'm now told. I've never had dinner there- I just liked to pop in during the day for a coffee and croissant.

I went there in September last year, after meaning to for ages - I had passed, seen the daily specials, the trendy decor and really wanted to try it.  After my disappointing dinner I came here and learned that it had changed hands - so unless it has changed hands a second time I will be staying away.

I really don't like Italian coffee (we Antipodeans do a completely different style of coffee) so I've never been in for coffee.

I gave Tri-Prana a good review on my blog this week - they have power points and free wifi so I think it would be a good place to head in the morning for a good coffee and to get a spot of work done. http://northlondonkitchen.com/2016/02/16/tri-prana-yoga-cafe-totten...

Other than the new Banc Brasserie, there isn't anywhere else at that end of west green road which is family friendly & has choice of vegetarian food.

I would probably head around the corner to Green Lanes tbh.  I love Blend, which is fairly family friendly and has great food.  I haven't tried Snug yet but I'm keen to.

Rose Cafe - almost an old style Caf Address: 325 W Green Rd, London N15 3PA

The old Rose is fine and I'm glad it keeps going, but it's a different type of place entirely.

Agreed, was more in response to "famil friendly on west green road".  I liked Buonissimo, lovely ambience/ decor,  went in the first week, unfortunately my wife wasn't a fan of their pizza, looks like they couldn't fit a wood fired oven in the first incarnation.  Hopefully that's part of the re-fit?  By the way, their is a massive thread on the place here, can the mods merge? http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/new-italian-beats-duraz...

Over a month and not reopened. I guess it must have gone for good?



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