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Bumper profits from incinerator gives £4.7m windfall dividend to Haringey & other councils

The Edmonton incinerator disposes of waste from Haringey, Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney,,Islington and Waltham Forest boroughs and converts the energy generated into electricity, is run by North London Waste Authority (NLWA). This year NLWA was set to charge the borough councils £57million to cover the costs of processing their waste, but now plans to waive November’s charge because of the soaring cost of electricity.

The authority says its “windfall dividend” for the councils that own it has been made possible thanks to “price rises in global energy supply markets” as well as “strong market demand” for the recycling waste it collects.

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Does this mean that the rumbling campaign against the incinerator’s existence is in fact misconceived because the plant is making a positive contribution to local councils’ finances? It sounds as though there’s a real gain here: waste is redirected from landfill, generates electricity and puts money into local councils, helping maintain services.

The school kids and residents sprayed with its noxious by-products must be thrilled. A 'windfall' indeed.

Chris — Does “maximum” on the chart refer to the highest level recorded overall, or is it a scale of permitted output? The school figures all seem to be much lower. Either way, is there a recognised scale for safe/unsafe levels?

Wonderful piece of greenwashing! At last our children's health has been monetised! How much for an asthma attack? Maybe £50? Remember our Councils did this, not the nasty government.



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