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Hi all

We are looking for a recommendation for a builder to complete a side return extension. Ideally someone who you have used personally (and of course were happy with!).

Thank you


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Bart did our bathroom and some other external tiling work for us. We are thrilled with the work he and his team did for us. He is really busy though as you would expect a good builder to be, but he will reply. Happy to share photos offline if you want. http://www.abbd.co.uk/index.html

Hi Joe,

I am nearing the end of my side return extension now with Daniel's Contractors. They are actually based just in Essex but I believe they're looking to get more central work and have also just started/agreed another project on the Ladder.


Michelle and Russ are both easy to deal with and project has been smooth going apart from some freeholder delays! Would happily let you see end result once finished if useful, will be early Nov though so perhaps too late for you.

Hi Tsara,

i came across your post on a search for reliable builders for an extension we are currently planning. Would you mind letting me know how it went with Daniels Contractors and if you would still recommend them now the project is finished? Really hope it all went well! Thank you! 

Hi Jennie,

Sorry for slow reply to your message! Yes my project finished early last November - ran over approx one month but not through Daniel’s fault, some additional work and damp proofing was required not originally in scope. 

I would recommend them. I’m really happy with my finished build and now have the fun bit of furniture and finishing touches to keep hunting for!

I have a few snagging things they will be coming back to do but it’s mainly a couple of cracks that were expecting as the new foundations settle in. Nothing major at all. 

Annoyingly with it being winter I haven’t been home enough in daylight to take proper pics but if useful I can try to do so at the weekend. A couple of the kitchen are attached so you can see the finishing. 

Good luck!


  • Hi Tsara, thanks so much for replying. Your  kitchen looks great! Love the tiles! We had Daniels out today to give us a quote so let's see what they come back with. Even getting a completed quote seems like a bit of a feat at the moment! Can I ask if they've been responsive about the snagging? This is something we've had poor experiences with in the past so definitely a good sign if they are good about coming back once the main work is finished. Thanks again for taking the time- it's much appreciated. Jennie 

Thanks both - i will check them out!

Hi Jay - I'm also really interested in doing a side extension. Would you be able to let me know who did yours? Also, it would be fab to take a look if we could?


Hi Jay

Thanks. What is the name of the firm you are using please?

We are using PNP Construction

Great team and even half way through build have total trust in their work

Paul - 07841 129346

thank you

Hi Joe

See the following link http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/wrap-around-side-return...

Finished a side return 2 - 3 months ago and delighted with the job done by Stone CBM. There is a picture attached in the link too.


Thanks Sam. I had actually already seen your thread and Jas has already been round to take a look so thanks for that!





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