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 We are planning to replace a concrete area outside our back door , which is very delapidated , and extend it a little . Perhaps then setting some sort of paving onto it afterwards. This area  has a drain in it and our back step , which also needs replacing. I'm not sure who to contact . A builder or a landscape gardener . Any thoughts ?

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Our builder is phenomenal - Radek Tober - (radektober@gmail.com)

Our gardeners were also very good- and local boys from Fairfax.  FMN (forget me not) Gardens

r.j.forgetmenotgardens@gmail.com (Roman) 


below is some of the work they did

Thanks Shelene,

Will contact them for a quote .

We used the very similar sounding Forget-Me-Not Garden Design for our landscaping - Malcolm and his team were superb and we would recommend them without hesitation. http://forgetmenotgardendesign.co.uk/

Our experience of Radek was not so great. He came to quote on our house refurb, said he couldn't provide a quote unless we supplied full details of every fixture and fitting we planned to use (right down to light switches), so we did all that, then he left us hanging for three months, before ghosting us completely. It was a total waste of our time.

Thats a shame.  We had the ghosting issue from a few other builders so totally understand your frustration.  So far we are halfway into our build we are really happy with the quality and service.  We too had to do a detailed specification but i actually preferred that as i want to know the costs down to every cent.  

Glad it's going well for you. We had been happy to provide all the details because we thought we'd be getting the quote at the end of it. We were also ghosted by a couple of other builders too, but what was particularly frustrating with Radek was, having ghosted us once, he got in touch again to ask if we were still looking for someone and even though we said yes and he promised to get the quote to us the same week, he ghosted us again! So it was a double whammy. Thankfully we've now found another builder who we're much happier dealing with.

Steve Cooper will be able to advise you.

He is based in N8 very knowledgable and experienced.


07946 608 182

Thanks Nicky ,

Have sent him an email .

Hi my name is Patrick James from P.J Builders. If you are still looking for someone please give me a call on. 07817464070. Everything that you require I can provide .  I can also provide references/recommendations Thanks Pat.


I had a patio laid 4 weeks ago by Dave O'Doherty thanks to a recommendation from Hol. I got 3 quotes and his was in the middle.  Really pleased with the workmanship, bang on time and he and his workers were all really nice.  Have a search on Hol for his mobile,

cheers Glen

That's who's currently doing our project! It's very early days (just started) but David is a great guy to deal with and his team are really nice. I'm really pleased we've gone with him.

Agreed, and the best thing is that he doesn't go for the easy option and explains why and how he will do the work.  That might sound obvious, but unfortunately that hasn't always been my experience with other building work  I've had done.  Very happy to recommend David's work.

That's really good to know!



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