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Bugaboo donkey duo pram - 5 mins help wanted to test run our front door / hallway


we are due our second child shortly and wanted to get a bugaboo donkey pram but it’s looking like a tight squeeze into our front door and hallway. I can see dimensions online and it should fit front door but not sure if it would store in hallway ? Would anyone be willing to swing by our house on beresford road and let us (especially my wife) do a test run bringing pram into house and see if we can actually get around it in hallway. Also would be great to talk to you about how you find it (does it fit along Harringay passage for example ?) can it be easily folded each day to store or is that too much hassle  ?

should only take 5 minutes. We are on beresford road near passage

Any help much appreciated x


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Can’t help with the bugaboo but really recommend the mountain buggy duet as it fits though any shop

or house door

Thankyou Rihanna I have been looking at mountain buggy and yes it will fit through the house whereas the donkey will not. Just we had a bugaboo before and liked it so I guess it’s a safer option but MB do seem popular and thankyou for highlighting will make sure to consider this



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