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             GOOD HOME Needed for Bubs                

My Cat’s Information


Bubs (Bubbles)




 Tabby (unsure)


 white grey brown black


Possible 6years



Markings/ Distinguishing Characteristics


Little scars on ears, one eye slightly less colour

Contact Information




0779 302 5422

Bubs Story

Bubbles was a stray in May 2012, Vet thought he was about 3 years old so he possible about 6 years old. He is quite a handsome boy but due to unseen circumstances I sadly & reluctantly have to find Bubbles a new good home.


I’m looking for a home for Bubs with free access to the outside or garden.

 and don’t wish to force Bubs to be either locked in or out night or day and wish for him to have his quality of life as it has been for the last three years, the freedom of movement of his pleasure. Bubs will get on with a girlie who is playful he will tolerate youngest but not a male.

He is still a little nervous if you make sudden moves, but will let you brush

 & rub him in certain areas. But you will have to gain his trust for his belly rub!

He knows the words Brush, Food, Mousey, & Birdie!












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What a beautiful cat. Is he neutered and microchipped?

Hope someone can offer him a good home with catflap access to a back garden.

I have notified Stokey Cats and Dogs as they are good source of help for finding good homes. They can also help with home checks.

Thanks for your message Anna. It's good to hear that Bubbles is neutered and microchipped, if only everyone was so sensible.

If you get any enquiries, remember it's vital to do home checks to make sure the person can offer a suitable permanent home. Stokey Cats and Dogs can help with home checks.

Thanks Anna for your other message. The email of Ella who runs Stokey Cats and Dogs is stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com

Bubbles is going to need a home with a garden for the rest of his life which could be another 15 years. Hopefully someone out there can help - he's a very handsome cat! It may be preferable to look for a home owner - only because many landlords unfortunately don't allow pets and then pets are rendered homeless as a result, through no fault of the tenant. Of course tenants can also offer a good permanent home if the landlord permits pets under the terms of the lease.
When a cat goes to a new home, rescue places advise that it's best to keep the cat indoors for at least two weeks otherwise they will get lost if let outside straightaway. When a cat is used to his new home, it's best to initially let him out into the back garden during the day for short periods when hungry and feed when he returns inside, so he gets used to the routine of coming home, and once that's ok, he will be able to use the cat flap as normal.

When he has settled in to any new home, I totally get what you say about cats enjoying the freedom of access to outdoors. My rescue cats love going in and out through their cat flap into the back garden during the day. I keep my cats inside at night - because rescue places advise that it's safer as cats are more likely to get lost or injured at night. I find that they soon get used to the routine of staying in at night - even the ones that used to be stray cats on the streets. This is particularly relevant as there have been a lot of incidents of someone deliberately injuring cats at night.

cats live longer if they are kept in doors and it protects the environment. Nice cat though.

i only ever get kittens though - i like to raise a cat from birth.

I have had cats for many years and my cat I had before Bubbles was 14 years old before she passed away and my sister's cat was 21 years old and just passed away from old age, both these cats had their freedom of coming and going all their lives. Every animals deserves to have fresh natural air, even humans like you!

Thank you!

I love cats too : )

Hi Junior, there are many hazards indoors as well. I have done a lot of research regarding the environmental impact of cats on wildlife, and advocating to keep them indoors is based on a myth. In fact it is us who have caused the most damage to the environment and wildlife through habitat destruction, road kill, hunting, shooting etc. Many cats do not hunt at all, and many of those who do, kill the ill and weak. Cats confined indoors cannot  live a fulfilled life and through my work as a behaviourist, I have only seen depressed and anxious cats when they are confined indoors. A long life does not equal a happy life.

None of my cats have been depressed - i don't doubt that you have done your research but I'm not about to accept over Peta's and the empirical evidence i have gained over 30 years (again i don't doubt what yo have seen though). Owned 7 cats - 4 were out door cats 3 died premature deaths (within 3 years) found dead outside. Present cat i have had for 8 years and she is a fat happy as Larry, chasing whatever moves, climbing on all my cupboards mini panther.

 "Cats confined indoors cannot  live a fulfilled life and through my work as a behaviorist,"

I would like to see some evidence for that statement. If you are an animal behaviorist specialist as you say surely you have some? im genuinely curious. 

Just to add to this debate, I rehomed a cat 3 years ago who had previously lived an indoor/outdoor life. I was worried about him when I first got him as he doesn't have free access in and out at my place. I do however let him out whenever I can and he barely goes 20ft from the door. Most of the time he just looks at the open door and then goes back and sits on his armchair. If I am out in the garden he will come out and sit near me but he doesn't seem too fussed about being out on his own and much prefers it indoors. That said there was an amusing incident a few months ago when one of the students next door caught me out in the garden beckoning him in in my nightie calling "come in Big Boy, where are you BigBoy?" And the flipping cat was hiding in the long grass in the middle of the night :-/

That made me laugh out loud ! Lauren

Just wanted to say that I have been interested in all this conversation regarding cats and have thought about it all.

But really I'm really still looking for an new home  my cat Bubs, and this is really my main interest.

best regards to all




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