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My BT broadband went down at 00.18. Initial check said no issues in my area. More extensive troubleshoot now says they are doing work on network and it will be down in my area for at least 24 hours! Anyone else have same problem? 

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I'm in N8 0NA and broadband is fine here.

It came back about 2.30am

Hello. Yes l had the same issue at the same time and got the same response. 

We’ve not had broadband for a week now (N4).There was a fire by the exchange on Stanhope Road which has affected a few hundred households, not sure how far afield this would reach. Further incompetence from UK Power Network has resulted in delays in the repairs being completed so likely it won’t be fixed until Monday...

Is this why the Open Reach presence is so inconsistent?

Some days they are there working others no one at all?

What is the power networks role in all this? Are they delaying the works?

See this thread for details of the N4 car fire & damage to on-street cabinet leading to no internet/phone service:


- It certainly won't be fixed by Monday as essentially no work has been done in the first week & it's a big job.



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