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Harringay Hustings last night at North Harringay School. From left to right: David Kaplan (TUSC), Emine Ibrahim (Labour), Lydia Rivlin (Conservative), Richard Godwin (Chair - Harringay Resident & Evening Standard Journalist), Matt Cuthbert (Green), David Schmitz (Lib Dem)

Last night saw Harringay's first hustings event for many years. An audience of about 50 turned out to hear what the parties standing in the local elections thought about questions raised by local people both before and during the event.

Local resident and Evening Standard journalist did a masterful job chairing the event (and winning a few ladies' hearts by all accounts!). So our profuse thanks to Richard for pitching in.

Thanks also to all the panellists, all of whom did a good job and gave a fair accounting of themselves and their parties' policies. From here on,  all parties have the chance to share their views with you on a single HoL posting per party (See panel at the top of the main page).

A member of the audience videoed the whole event. So, should you be so minded, you will be able to see the event once his video is posted.

Was there a man of the match? I don't know, that's for those who attended to say. I've had good feedback on all the panelists, but perhaps a nose ahead on informal feedback on the performance on the night, from an audience who probably weren't in the main natural TUSC voters, was TUSC outsider David Kaplan.

David Kaplan (TUSC) - Last night's man of the match?

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I'm particularly impressed by the publicity material the candidates thoughtfully provided to illustrate their policies on HGVs on the Ladder, speed bumps, one way streets, 20 mph zones etc....

Im attending TUSC meeting on 15 May - any one coming?

Was really annoyed I missed this - was it well publicised?

Widely publicised on HoL and also with street posters in Harringay ward.

I agree Kaplan came across well, although it's easy to sit there and say let's spend more on children's services, educaton, libraries - where's the cash coming from?

certainly not from the (slightly barmy if we're honest) Conservative candidate who thought sacking a couple of press officers and cancelling the council mag would provide the millions needed...

I was disappointed in the Green candidate - nice guy but a little woolly - and the Lib Dem struggled to explain what he'd achieved as a councillor

Labour came across as anindependent voice within their party and appeared to have a wider knowlwedge of things like the Localism Act and, waste policies etc - but as with all the candidates we could have heard more on what they could achieve for Harringay though

Green and Woolley ? :)
Sorry about the lack of dogma...

Richard Godwin asked the question, 'is there anyone here not associated with the candidates?'

Sticking the pin is easy, staying on board in the interests of Harringay residents more difficult,
I'm not going for the scorched earth approach, we can achieve more together.

Briilliant opportunity to quiz the candidates. Are we going to have any hustings for St Ann's ward (serving the Gardens etc in Harringay)? Don't even know who the candidates are.

The Green candidates in St Ann's are Emily Darko, Matthew Pollitt and Zeynep Kacmaz, and you can read about them on www.haringeygreens.org.uk/st_ann_s_candidates .

I live in the Gardens and therefore in St Ann's ward too; and I feel completely nonplussed in regards to the upcoming elections. One of our councillors has stepped down and the other two were deselected by their party and replaced in rather dubious circumstances.

One of the replacements is a local businessman and landowner whose focus appears to be limited to business issues and not those of local residents.

I have to question the motives of the Labour party ... Why did they deselect my current councillors? Who are the new candidates? Why were they selected? What evidence is there that they are able to serve my community well? Judging by what I have read in the press Mr Ali Obek does not represent my interests or views.

Does anyone know anything about the other candidates - Labour or otherwise? Or have any answers to the deselection questions. I have written to David Lammy but had no reply.

Another post about Seven Sisters Ward muddies the waters further. What is going on? It feels like corrupt, self-serving back-scratching.

Absolutely. Hence this.

Priya, I just noticed your post above.  It seems nobody gave you a direct answer to your question about the deselected Labour candidates.  In case you haven't since spotted it, there's a long thread about this, originally posted by John McMullan.  You can get the main facts from John McMullan's introduction at the top of each page. Please click here to read it. 

In summary, there was vote rigging at the St Ann's Labour Party candidate selection meeting when five people took part who, at the time, did not live in St Ann's ward as required by the Labour Party's Rules.  It was enough to change the outcome of the votes. Just as bad, the Labour Party itself then covered this up - pretending that a full and through investigation had taken place.

Important: So that you know, I am biased on this issue as my wife Zena Brabazon is one of the deselected candidates. The other is Cllr David Browne.  (I'm also a Labour councillor - for Tottenham Hale.  But I'd decided to stand down.)

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply Alan. I had seen a lot of the threads previously (but not read all 48 pages!).

What I don't get is WHY? Why does the Labour party seem intent on pushing business-oriented property developers through as our local councillors? How do they serve the community? How do they serve the party? Is it that they give financial donations? What other motivations does the party have for deselecting our councillors and rigging a vote to get new nominees in? I'm lost. It's totally immoral and not in the interests of myself, my family nor my community.

The post by Tris I cited above indicates that public money has been spent on clearing a private area of land owned by one of the Labour nominees. That is an outrage (assuming it's true - I don't know). The rich get richer at everyone else's expense.

Why would the Labour party actively support and then defend this type of behaviour? Why Alan? Anyone?



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