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The bridge on Cavendish rd is been being used to dump rubbish (again).
It seems that they are seen as 'neutral zones' as the pavement is not associated with a house.
The bin men ignore the problem and as time goes by, the junk gets added to.
• Who do I call?
• Does anyone else on the ladder have this problem?
There was a crackdown on fly tipping, which seemed to work but problem has returned...

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I'm afraid you just have to keep reporting it. My recommendation at the moment is to use the council's own online reporting system. There's a link to it down a bit on the right had side of the screen. If you'd rather talk to someone, just call the Council direct on 020 8489 0000 and explain that you want to report dumped rubbish. The response via either route is pretty good and it'll be gone within 24 hrs.

I've been trying the Love Clean Streets app, but the council hasn't yet got its back office system aligned with the app provider's software so the response is much slower than the routes above.

In the past there's been some limited success with Enforcement officers opening bags, finding evidence of who dumped, and surprising them with a fine. Though the cuts mean we're losing some of the enforcement staff.

But in any case, this is not a panacea. Because a lot of dumping can be clothing, builders' and garden waste. I've even seen bags of dumped documents where somebody took the trouble to tear addresses from envelopes. (Makes you wonder, doesn't it, why someone would spend time on this?)

It worries me when you write that "The bin men ignore the problem". With Veolia and the new contract it will be important to have a co-ordinated approach; so street sweepers and refuse collectors are linking with each other; and with members of the public.

When I met the Veolia reps with other councillors I raised an old suggestion of mine: the possibility of reporting by another group of people who walk down most streets at least six times a week.

How disappointing Alan. I thought you were going to suggest that the Civil Enforcement Officers ( Parking Wardens ) do the reporting.

Point taken, John!!

By coincidence Stuart McNamara (councillor for Bruce Grove) made exactly this suggestion to increase efficiency and save money. I agree with both you and Stuart that the CEOs (or Neighbourhood Charm Ambassadors as I like to think of them) should be considered for a role in any new reporting arrangements.

But can I stress that like any "backbench" councillor I'm only able to make suggestions. Whether they are taken up depends entirely on the whims of those who possess Sauron's Rings of Power the wise judgement of the Council Leader and her cabinet members.

Reminds me of when we used to collect silver paper and milk bottle tops at school to buy a guide dog for the blind. Or was it for a Spitfire ?


We are all responsible for our society. Why be given rewards for doing whats right?



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