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Hi All 

I hope you are all well. 

I am struggling with my GP. (I can't go into details of mine or the pts I assist)

There was serious issues pre Covid. 

I also translate (Turkish)  and accompany many LD patients to this surgery. 

Please, if you have had a serious issue with this surgery (or any) report them to the regulators. If you have left - please still contact the regulators with your experience. 

Many patients don't. Because they are ill, lack confidence, language skills, knowledge. 

This is an area where many do not have the confidence or language skills. This GP and any other in the area will continue to take advantage of this fact. 

Please note the issues I refer to are not due to Covid - they were prevalent before. 

Anyway, thank you for reading. I hope everyone is well.  

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Bridge House used to be my surgery and what a shambles the surgery is.

I am thank God no longer with the surgery as my surgery is Queenswood Medical practice.

I had issues with Dr Haas when she was in charge, but she was generally well-intentioned. Since she left the practice has gone downhill rapidly, with the doctors seeming happy to diagnose at long distance using Google. I think there must be a high turnover of doctors there, I seem to deal with a new name every time I contact them. I am not convinced their inability to see or deal with people personally is actually freeing up their resources in terms of time-management. Giving me an appointment in three weeks to deal with a septic pimple is not useful, and deciding a simple stye is a chelezion without an actual examination is just stupid.

What is so frustrating is that we have to constantly contact them to resolve issues that should have been resolved weeks ago. I posted because I can not discuss my personal issues or any of the patients (pts) i translate and advocate on behalf of. 

I wish people would raise serious issues. And escalate to the Ombudsman (phso) and/or Nclccg. Until we complain and flag these issues up they will not be resolved. 

A tip? If you have an issue you need resolved - email them (all details) and copy the phso and nclccg into the email. You will get a response from the surgery - even if you do not escalate the complaint. But the way this practise is "functioning" has to be highlighted by people who can articulate their experiences. 

I hope you get the right care Graham. 

I had many issue with this practice, including other family members records being pulled up and read out, lost results, insensitively handled (serious) issues to name a few. The local pharmacies have also stressed they’re not treated with respect by the team at bridge house.

I left them and when I registered to another GP in the area, they had to audacity to cancel my new registration on the grounds that I am registered with them. It took some work to set this straight with the new GP. 

Sorry you’re having these issues. I will report them, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind. 

I am so sorry Lydiaaa. 

I hope I didn't trigger or upset you. 

I know your pain! those experiences are familiar. I just wish everyone reported them. I know logging a complaint is boring, but one thing i know for sure is that if many report one practise they will be forced to change. 

As you know it is also an area where many (like members of my own family) do not have the confidence to complain or even the English. 

I hope all is well with your health and you new practise is competent. 



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