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So funny!

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As a boy - with three brothers - our parents had a family joke if one of us angrily mentioned leaving home. "You're leaving home? Really? We'll pack you sandwiches."

If Labour councillors, for whatever reason, have already decided to join the Tories, the LibDems or even the Elvis-is-alive-and-living-in-Wood-Green Party, here's my advice.
Go. I'll put tea in a thermos and give you the busfare. Just don't hang around trousering your special allowances and pretending to the electorate.
I question the integrity of someone who changes their political hue to increase the chance of a position of power. Couldn't going independent be an option.
The link to the Conservatives' website only mentions Charles Adje. Was he going to join the Tories? What about all these others we keep hearing about?

They seem to hang on hoping the floor crossers will come over to them. They only burnt Brian's boat when he was definitely not going to join them. If they had anybody to shop now, they'd do it.
Brian Haley wouldn't have joined the Lib Dems or talked to us had he not been de-selected. Sadly, many Haringey councillors (mostly Labour) are only in it for the money. There are several people who could be in any political party if that meant being selected, elected and put on the Executive.

My own view is that although (from my point of view) it can be useful to be the benefactor of leaks and gossip, it tells me that such people are fundamentally untrustworthy. Would we want them? If they crap on their own side once then they can do it again.

When Alan Dobbie was in the Labour Party he never told me anything., despite us being close friends. And I never asked him anything.

Personally, I've never spoke to Adje about joining us although he claims to flirt with senior Conservative councillors in places like Westminster.

There are some very decent and conservative councillors who might come over to us one day in the future, but, thankfully, the 3 hapless for WHL are not such examples.

So, Alan and Julie, who would you vote for if you lived in White Hart Lane if you feel so strongly about two of the three Labour candidates?
For any ward my answer is simple: Labour candidates.

I would urge anyone to vote for principled, committed, trustworthy, hard-working Labour candidates, with Labour values; who are there to serve all the residents who elect them.

And, of course, who keep to The Ten General Principles of Public Life.
So vote for Cllrs. Adje and Bull then? How principled is that?
I knew Brian and his wonderful wife and kids very well in the years before he moved into politics. He was good company, concientious and principled.

You get criticism in public life it's unnavoidable but he's a good man who means well

Good luck Brian
A welcome corrective, Silver. And there's no reason why Brian should not be more at home in a Lib Dem administration.
Thank you old man : )
Sorry OAE just discovered from the Is it a bird? Is it a plane? thread you don't like smiley faces.
Abject apologies



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