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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know about a distressing and violent break in/burglary that occurred in Wood Green on Sunday night.

Our tenants were robbed on Sunday 24 Jan 2021 at approximately 7:30pm, at the house they are renting from us in Wood Green.

Our tenants were at home, when three men violently and forcibly kicked in the front door, and threatened and robbed our tenants, who hid in a room while the criminals burgled them.  Our tenants have a young child as well, and the child is in shock.

After the criminals left the property, our tenants went to their next door neighbour to ask them to call the police, as the criminals also stole our tenant's mobile phone.

The police attended the scene, and an investigation is currently underway.

These criminals, blatantly breaking through the front door at 7:30pm on a Sunday night, when they know most people would be home, especially during Covid when people are home most of the time anyway, certainly seemed intent on getting inside, and didn't seem to care if anyone was home or not.

This is a shocking occurrence, beyond comprehension, and our tenants are terribly frightened.  The bottom panels of the front door have been smashed completely and the lock was damaged during the break-in.  The agent managing our property is in the process of organising for the front door to be repaired and made secure, and we intend to install additional security measures to the property.

Please keep safe.

Kind regards,

Katherine Christie

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Oh, that is awful - especially for a young child! I hope they're being supported by the police  - dealing with the aftermath of an experience like that is difficult enough for adults :( 
Which area of Wood Green was it, roughly?

Hi Sharon,

It was on Eldon Road, N22 5ED.  I hope they're being supported by the police too.  I'm in New Zealand, and dealing with this remotely, with the help of the agent who's on the ground there.  If I was there I'd be there offering my support as well...or at least as much support as the Covid restrictions would allow.  I'm emailing the tenants directly to show them support, and to let them know we're on the case in trying to make the house as secure as possible.  We are thinking about fitting a security gate in front of the door to, but first things first is getting the front door replaced.

Yes, dealing with this type of thing as an adult would be bad enough.  The poor kid.  His dad is very worried about how it's affecting him.


I have had several attempts made on my front door over the years. And I live in one of the Highest footfall areas with people passing by at All hours of the Day

But I do have a good Alarm system and a Panic Alarm by the door

Plus had battery powered Megaphone which has Siren Tones. Which make people look around at All times

Aware that many people add , Smart Water sprays. Which can be triggered by panic button. Helps Police confirm who was involved

Also aware some people keep a can of Red Paint handy, just remember to keep it well shaken

I am a light sleeper and can not believe the large numbers of people walking around the pavements at all time of the Day & Night 

I am aware that Police are Patrolling and do stop and talk to people. Also have a habit of having Blue light on when patrolling. To make people aware they are in area

Biggest Joke is if found and charged, its very likely they will be out of the streets on Police Bail and continuing their activities

Hi Rob,

Gosh, several attempts on your front door over the years.  That's tough.  It sounds like you know your security stuff, with your Alarm system, Panic Alarm by the front door, and Megaphone. I love the red paint idea!  Mark the criminals.  Not water based paint either I would guess! :)  We don't want it washing off.

I hope they catch them, and that there are serious consequences.  Hopefully they'll turn their lives around.


Worst was having a woman crapping on my doorstep in broad daylight. 

Has several phone calls. Walked out with a bucket of cleaning fluid.

She gave me a mouthful of abuse, resulting in getting most of first bucket 

But do blame local Authority for closing most of the areas public toilets 

Aware doorstep issues. Reason many enclosed their steps. And out in fences and gates 

Aware some of Front door issues was youngsters. But also others was adults trying their luck 

Best one was looking after a friend's retired Police dog. Never seen two people run so fast. As it really had a loud bark. But it was under total control . 

Been broken into twice, but nothing on this scale.  After the second time, police came round and gave security advice.  As a result we had  a brand new high security door fitted, just under £2k, and security alarm another lump of money.  Police said they probably chose our house because our neighbours homes were alarmed with security cameras.  I'd advise anyone to do the same for peace of mind. Minimum -  a good quality door with metal strip running full length of door jamb and top and bottom inner bolts when locked.  Also brush postbox so people can't lift and look inside the hallway.

Hi Mavic,

Thank you for your reply.  It's great that the police gave you security advice.  Thanks for letting me know the security measures you took....excellent advice. :)

Who did you use to supply & fit your security door?  Our house is a Victorian terrace, so we'd like a door to match the existing original door, but will take your advice and arrange for the new door to have a metal strips running the full length of the door jamb, and top and bottom inner bolts, plus a brush postbox. a spy hole as well.

Thanks Mavic,


Go for a outside camera Villains put finger etc over spy holes

Same as having a solid wooden door, with No glass. As Nail punches will go through toughened glass 

Also known people to put up several dummy cameras. So they are not aware which one to try and kill 

Worth going for a good central lock and not many locks, as that delays you on door step 

Aware that Police normally advise All those that get broken into. Check out local Facebook Page or Police Team contact 

Keep Safe

A London bar is quite effective for kicking in attacks. Also a bolt low down is very effective as there is little leverage. Some useful videos on YouTube on the subject. If possible replace all the screws on the hinges with something like 5x40/50. Thicker and longer. The kicks will usually target the lock side anyway hence deadbolts and the London bar.

However panes and plastic doors can be broken and the bolts pulled back so the essential thing is a solid wooden door. The presence of a solid door is a deterrent to start with. 

Hi Katherine - link to door Timber Composite Doors  website and Alarm company was Third Eye Alarms.  As above the metal bar I have is probably a London bar as well.  Either way its a bar that goes up into the top of the frame and the bottom, to stop w********* kicking in the door.  As above original Victorian door had window pane smashed in but we had the chain on the door, so they went away.  New door worth every penny for peace of mind.  I looked at a hand built Victorian door solid timber, and quotes started @ £2750 and 3-6 month waiting list.  We didn't want to wait.  Our neighbours also have one from same firm and lots of styles to choose from. All the best.

Hi Mavic,

Thanks so much for the link to Timber Composite Doors, and for letting me know about Third Eye Alarms.

Thanks again!


Hi Leo,

London bar, deadbolts and bigger and stronger hinge screws...excellent advice!  Our door had hinge bolts, but I don't know how effective they were. I saw a photo of one of the hinge bolts and it was a bit bent, but even if the hinge bolts made the criminals job a bit harder, then perhaps that's something.  I guess if the criminals are intent on getting in no matter what, nothing will stop them.

Thanks for your advice.

Katherine :)



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