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I don't know exactly what being a Brazilian Butcher entails but one has just opened up on the corner of West Green Road and Belmont Road. Looks promising from the outside. Has anyone tried it?

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A particularly careless beautician?

This place is a gem! I have tried it and will keep going back. Meat is very good, particularly the Picanha cuts (large rump) and sausages.

They also have a great selection of both Brazilian and Portuguese products and delicious fresh pastries (both savoury and sweet).

What use to be there? I know where you mean, but I haven't been out for so long, I've forgotten what was there!

It used to be a shisha equipment shop I think

Just had one of their sausages.


Yeah, Brazilian butchers are a class of their own. Yet to try this one but sausages and picanha sourced from one in Hackney were beyond superb. 



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