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In the first round of ” just moved in” clearances, we have:

  • Loads of boxes – really good sturdy moving boxes provided by our removal company used for glass and other fragile stuff.  Also Homebase moving/storage boxes, good for books etc. 
  • Piles and piles of tissue paper our removal men used to wrap glass etc.  Great for packing and padding out boxes.  Currently it is bound for the recycle bin but perfectly reusable… 
  • 3 Benno IKEA  CD/DVD towers – two red and one black. 
  • A Rexbo shelving unit – IKEA don’t seem to stock them anymore  - it is like a ladder, but with shelves.  This one is red. Google it and you’ll see what I mean.

Before I ring the Veolia people to pick up perhaps someone could make use of a:

IKEA Markor book case.  It is not in good condition – we took out small sections in the back in order to run cables through (long story).  It looks like this: http://www.usedfurnitureforsale.co.uk/furniture/FA01859  but white.  D34xH192xW46cm

We are just off St Anne’s Road (the Harringay side) and home all day Saturday and Sunday if anyone wants to collect.

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Hi Lou, how much are you selling the Rexbo shelving unit for? thanks Charlotte

All for free!

Hi Lou -  I'm interested in your boxes. I'll send a connection request to you with my contact details

Ooh yes, I'm due to move house from the Ladder to Boundary Rd soon. If you still have any boxes and packing stuff after David's collected I'd be delighted to take stuff of your hands.

You're leaving us!!! You'll be stripped of your Harringay Passport, you know that don't you.

Noooo, Harringay is still my spiritual home after 14 years if a bit posh for us these days! We're only going a mile up the road so won't miss out.

Honorary passport holder then; freewoman of the hood!

Hi both of you - thanks you are really doing us a favour since I can't get into the bedroom for cardboard.

I just did a quick count.  I am looking at probably 25 boxes (there will be more once I get the reception decorated) - 5 of which are packed full of tissue paper.  I am sure there is plenty to go around - and if David gets them all then, we still have more to unpack. 

David I will text over my address tomorrow.  Must get painting now...

Hi Lou, 

If you still have a spare box or two I'd appreciate picking them up. I'll send you a connection request.


Also interested in boxes & wrapping paper. Please let me know if you have any left after David and Sophie. Thanks!

Hi Milda - Sure I will let you know!  Thanks.

Milda, I have some moving boxes to give away if you're interested. They've been used a few times but they'll do the job. Let me know.



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