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A nice bit of local cultural/historical ephemera that I don't see mention of here on HoL previously -  I came across reference to the Bowes Road Band on my main source of aural entertainment, the estimable NTS.

A quick poke around online led me to this which gives a good picture.

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Today's chance fruit of Hornsey College of Art was The Raincoats which led me to this not so old HoL thread

Thanks, Vanessa.

It looks like there's suposed to be a link at 'this' in your second para. That hasn't worked. I wonder if you were trying to link to this artsdesk.com article from October, 2023, prompted by the reissue of the band's one and only album, Back in the HCA.

In summary, it says the following:

In 1972, four graphic design students [at the Hornsey College of Art (HCA)] came together to make the album, 'Back in the HCA', with no intention of playing live. It was recorded between January and July 1973 at Waverley House in Crouch End, home of the college’s Co-ordinated Studies recording studio. Once it was completed, 50 copies were pressed. Making the album was an exercise.

And that was it – copies went to band members or were given away. The Bowes Road Band’s album was unheard of, undiscovered by collectors. This changed when a copy turned up at a Berlin flea market. The band members were then sought out and it was found that synthesiser and woodwind player Ted Rockley had the master tape in his attic. 

Ted Rockley, Alan Lewis (drums, vocals), Dave Pescod (vocals, acoustic electric and guitars) and Phil Rawle (bass guitar, lead guitar, vocals) ....... (sundry other HCA students helped out on other instruments).

Back in the HCA album cover

A search turns up a surprising amount on the band. There's a YouTube playlist here.

The arts.com article also has some interesting information on other Hornsey College of Art music history.

Ah yes, that's it.  Sorry I should haved checked I got the link right.



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