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The WWII bomb at Bounds Green which caused the death of 19 civilians in the underground station on 13 October 1940 has been well covered on this and other local websites. However, Brownlow Road suffered heavily from further bomb damage throughout the war. In the then and now photos above (published by Gary Boudier in the Enfield Past & Present in Photos FB page), the blast appears to be caused by conventional high explosives, and it’s likely that this happened during the Blitz of 1940-1.

The article below details the even more devastating impact and casualties of a V2 rocket hit on 14th December 1944, further along down on the opposite side the road towards the A406 (where the Synagogue is now). Typically a V2 blast left a massive crater about 30m wide and 8m deep, and they traveled at a supersonic speed that gave no indication of their imminent arrival. Lest we forget...

 V2 Missile Strike - Brownlow Road  (link to theyweresoldiers.com)

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I wonder how many people pass this gap in the architecture and know why a relatively new building was erected in the middle of it. My Aunt, Lillian (Lilly) Howes was bombed out of her house in Fairfax Rd. just six months after marrying her husband Terry. Shortly after this he was wounded in Crete and evacuated to Athens for hospital treatment. En route to Athens the hospital ship he was on was bombed by Stukas and sunk with the loss of all souls on board despite displaying red cross insignia. Lest we forget indeed.

Seems some people have the odds stacked against them while others are blessed with luck.                      Impossible to imagine that sort of damage.

Lest we forget indeed !



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