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I don't think that this has been featured before, apologies if it has. The music hall singer and comedian Harry Champion (William Henry Crump) 1865-1942 is listed as living at 520 West Green Road when he moved out of the East End, although it wasn't his last address.

The address (seemingly now demolished) was just further down from Havergal Villas before Milton Road. He would have overlooked the green triangle and Ducketts Common. He ran a coach company out of Westbury Avenue called North London Coaches.

His songs may be remembered more than the singer which include "I'm Henery the Eighth I am", and as titled "Boiled Beef and Carrots".

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Fascinating. I'd never heard about this chap living locally. The name seems sort of familiar, the songs definitely so.

Has been on the Tottenham wiki page for yonks.

….and yet has never caught my eye. So, thanks to Martin fir bringing it to my attention. 

Most recognisable name and songs but no idea of his residing here.



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