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On Vernon Road, off turnpike lane.

Cute little kitten; looks like it comes from a home environment, though a bit scared for people to get too close.

Please let me know as it's a real little cutey, but we've already had the cat discussion, and not allowed one just yet!

I am guessing it's around 12-14 weeks old.

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Hi Amanda, have you managed to go near the kitten? Do you have the kitten in your house, or is it roaming around? Poor little thing! It's probably too young to be microchipped, so your best bet is to call the local vet and the local shelter to get the kitten taken care of.

It's been happily sleeping in a box in our house tonight!


It's lapped up a lot of water and I've bought it some cat biscuits, but will have to find it a real home...

Have seen a note yesterday by Harringay Rail Station with a pic of black and white young cat missing for 5 weeks. sounded like a bit older cat though then this one, but it might be worth trying. tried to remember the phone number. i think it was 077 90 36 1919.



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