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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

 I hope people read this Guardian article from June 24th. 

I think it was on HoL that I first learned of this incident in Burgoyne Road, but can't remember in what section. At the time it wasn't clear why Jordan Walker-Brown was climbing over a wall. The use of a taser on an unarmed man running away was all the more shocking in his account.

What can we do to limit the use of tasers by police?  Apparently the government plan that more and more officers shall have them. 

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Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting!

That aint good lucky were not in yankee land 

Yet another incident of tasers being threatened on unarmed people in Tottenham, now including a child... see https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jun/28/black-teenager-on-f... . This is the third in a few weeks, the second being about a taser being used on a man in his 60s unarmed and in his own home, see https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jun/10/calls-to-investigat...  .

I understand a protest about banning tasers is now being called for next Saturday 4th July, 12 noon at Ducketts Common. See https://facebook.com/events/s/end-stop-search-ban-tasers/1549910168...     I just learned about this from my TU branch. 

But this protest also calls for no more stop and search - which is a complete non-starter really. That's a very valuable police tactic and a lot of the mothers who periodically  hold protest marches about youth violence say when interviewed that they want MORE not less of it. A lot more actually, as they feel it deters the boys from carrying weapons and either being the victim of, or perpetrating knife crime. 

As to the tasers - clearly an officer does not know if someone is unarmed or not until they have been searched. It must have been truly awful for the boy but generally a stabbing is a very serious crime and anyone matching the description however vague in the area needs to be ruled out. There are no winners in these kinds of cases, it's just very depressing. 

That's rubbish Christina. Have you read the article and watched the video? This child was already on the ground and still being threatened with a taser and was told they'd shoot him. I'm sure you'd be saying otherwise if this was your child or if you were the mother of a black child but from a white point of view it's really easy to justify this police behaviour. There's another video of a 62 year old black Tottenham resident who was also tasered in front of his family despite not resisting and not carrying weapons. 

Stop and search is also mostly aimed at black people. There is a disproportionate use of stop and search against black people and that needs to change. If you are truly interested in educating yourself about life as a black person maybe go and do some reading to understand what this is about and why things need to change. 

There are countless report's of what might have happened at a incident

Unless there is a 360 View Sound system around the incident No one except those there at the time is aware of the Facts

Stop and Search causes issues. But Black People ask for it to be used when Black Lives was being Taken

Personally believe the use of Tunnel Alarms around well used areas is less personnel

Not forgetting use of Taser has to be recorded each time it is removed from holster

Plus most Officers now wear Body Cameras, which record incidents

Incidents involving people with Mental Issues. Please tell how the Police or any other Service is aware of possible Mental issues ?

Remember my Days at Finsbury Park. Where most people was often reported as Drunk.       But as I learnt over the years many was having Diabetic attacks and not drunk 

I had a car crash into others outside my House. When Police arrived and spoke to the driver And tried to breathalyzer him He turned violent . Especially against the female officer and He must have been well in his 70's. It turned out He was Several time over the Legal limit. Plus His car was No street legal

As stated before I have attended hundreds of incidents with Police in my Life                        And can not believe how people deal with the Police asking them Questions or trying to solve issues. Favorite reply is Your Laws do not effect me, believing they are exempt from Our Laws 

I am also completely puzzled by the calls for banning tasers and S&S and the whole 'Defund Police' movement in the US, which is just one idea removed from anarchism.

No doubt policing practices need to change, and racism of any kind needs to be condemned to history once and for all. Yet we need more, not less policing, more visible policing and more intelligence to inform the best possible approach for acting on suspected (and actual) crime.

Regarding the taser used against the man in his home the Met have put out this statement, read in full here.

At 19:40hrs on Tuesday, 21 April officers attended an address in Bromley Road, N17, to carry out arrest enquiries as part of a long running operation to tackle drugs supply linked to serious violence in the Borough of Haringey. 

A 22-year-old man located inside the address was arrested and later charged with encouraging another to commit an offence under the Serious Crime Act 2007.

A 52-year-old woman was also arrested at the scene on suspicion of obstructing/resisting a police constable in the execution of duties but was de-arrested at the scene. She was subsequently charged with the offence after being interviewed by police under caution at a later date.

As officers entered the premises, a man came downstairs and started moving towards an officer suddenly. He was ordered to remain where he was but continued towards officers who, after several warnings, deployed a Taser.

The man was not arrested, but was assessed by the London Ambulance Service at the scene. He did not require further medical treatment.

Officers from the North Area Command Unit have liaised with the family to discuss any concerns they have about the incident.

The incident, including body worn footage, has been reviewed by the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards and no indication of misconduct has been identified.

At their request, the Independent Office for Police Conduct are assessing the incident. The MPS are supporting their enquiries.

Commander of the North Area Command Unit, Treena Fleming said: “I can understand why any use of Taser can look alarming - that is why it receives heavy scrutiny – which we welcome.

“Met officers are highly trained to engage, explain and try to resolve situations, using force only when absolutely necessary. We examine our processes regularly to ensure Taser is being used in an appropriate manner.

“This incident has been thoroughly reviewed by our professional standards department and no misconduct has been identified. I continue to talk to the family about their concerns."

They think our yung ones were useful idiots when they were caling themselfs momentum. Now there trying agane dressed up as blm. Peple dont want them so they disgise themself as something we do want

It's been explained in several press and TV pieces I've seen that 'defund police' in the USA does NOT mean abolish police, it just means a city or county elected admin using one of the few powers they have, to block a budget so that the whole police department can be reformed and start again. Anyway people have to think of a better argument than saying if anarchists want something it must be nuts - sorry. Many anarchists would say they want world peace, equality, etc.... is that nuts too? Let's try to improve the quality of debate here!

It would be better if people didn't invent abstruse words.

Most Conservatives would want world peace, equality, etc too. I hope that improves the quality of the debate 

Indeed, John. Almost exactly what I said to the Missus over our apple pie an hour ago.



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