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 I hope people read this Guardian article from June 24th. 

I think it was on HoL that I first learned of this incident in Burgoyne Road, but can't remember in what section. At the time it wasn't clear why Jordan Walker-Brown was climbing over a wall. The use of a taser on an unarmed man running away was all the more shocking in his account.

What can we do to limit the use of tasers by police?  Apparently the government plan that more and more officers shall have them. 

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Yup, it's really bad. Ultimately he police need to be less institutionally racist in the first instance. Tasers need to be a last line of defence to protect the public or the officer I guess.

There are usually two sides to a story. we haven't heard the police side yet. There are many unanswered questions. For instance, what is the ethnicity of the officer who fired the taser ? Was the quantity of cannabis found in the first incident sufficient to support the conclusion that it was not for personal use ?  Was he told to stop but failed to do so and ran off ?

Let me just tease out your point of view here, John.

Do you mean to imply that if there was a little more cannabis than would be expected for personal use and if the person failed to stop when told to by a police officer, then use of a taser was warranted?*

Is the amount of cannabis critical in your decision tree? If so, what amount would, in your opinion, justify the use of a taser to apprehend a fleeing man?

For background, I've pasted below the part of the Association of Chief Constables' policy document which spells out where a taser may be used.

Taser will be deployed in circumstances where firearms officers are authorised to carry firearms,


Where the authorising officer has reason to suppose that they, in the course of their duty, may have to protect the public, themselves and /or the subject(s) at incidents of violence or threats of violence of such severity that they will need to use force.

The Police Collge assumes that a taser should only be used to mitigate threat.

*Let me be clear, I am making no assumption about the amount of cannabis in this particular case.

I'm just saying that I reserve judgement until I hear both sides of the story..

Are you reserving judgment in the George Floyd case too? 

No. because I have seen the video. 

John, when tasing somone who's on top a wall there are only one or two outcomes and none are positive. 

Jordan Walker-Brown would have to have been seriously dangerous to have warranted such an approach. The fact he was running away and not running towards the police officers suggests he can't have been that dangerous.

Ah Protheroe, I didn't know that you were present and saw exactly what happened.

There's no question there was robust grounds to pursue him. He had been caught once before, with cannabis on his person, and charged for possession.

While one could argue that the first time around he may have been racially profiled, the profiling yielded a charge, so it was warranted. As, clearly was the case with the 2nd time the Police attempted to search him.

That being said, the outcome for the poor fellow is awful, and the use of force (and outcome) are completely unacceptable. 

Was the profiling warranted really though? We don't know that unless we know how many non-black people were also walking around carrying amounts of cannabis for personal use


Are you implying that there has to be, at any point, a statistically significant concentration of individuals from various ethnic backgrounds, such that a policeman/woman can scan the environment, Robocop-style and calculate the odds of someone having a specific quantity of cannabis? That's amusing. 

The plain fact is that he had it - thereby confirming that they were right to approach him in the first place. 

Only on the wall becorse he was running and only running becorse he was a rong one. Not much sympathy here. White rong ones doing the same outside London would get the same. Don't use or carry or sell the gear and don't carry knives and you get no problems unless your gobben off



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