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Does anyone have any good solutions for washing your bike when you don't have any outside space? (and yes I know you can carry a bucket downstairs and just do it on the pavement but I think I've gone past bucket level of dirt)

I think there used to be a bike shop in the area that had a bike wash, but I can't find which shop it read or whether it's still going.

Alternatively does anyone know of a self service jet wash anywhere nearby? (I know you need to be careful with making sure you don't get water into bearings etc with pressure washers). Google doesn't seem to be too helpful on this.

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I just use a few damp soapy cloths to clean my bike. I'm not overly fussy about it being super clean though. As long as my clothes don't get dirty from it. 

There’s a mobile bike cleaning service that I see parked up working on bikes occasionally near the Endymion Road / Wightman Rd (Alroy Rd). https://washmy.bike

Thank you!

Bath tub?

  • It's a metal tub, and I can only foresee chipping it if I try. Plus, I really don't want to have to clean that up!

Do Esso on Lordship Lane still have a free hosepipe? 



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