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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

This in the Guardian today.

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Liz put up a post yesterday but it's already slipped off the front page here.

If more people check out the Guardian article and respond to comments that would be cool as there are some nasty snipey poeple out there who seem to think all bookshops are throbbing hotbeds of capitalist greed, especially this one which failed to fill the place with CCTV.

Thanks for posting this Maddy.  I was a volunteer at the BGB some time ago (hello Tim and Simon if you are reading this).  I have not been to the shop for a while but will get there somehow (Wightman Road closures etc etc) to offer support and may even buy a book.

Of course, the BGB was where I met you some three years or so ago when you and fellow practitioners of the Alexander Technique were giving "hands on" demonstrations in addition to a fascinating talk.  There were probably a few books on the Technique around as well.  I was introduced to something which has been of great value to me and regular Alexander sessions have provided much-needed restoration and respite from my role as my mother's primary carer.




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