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I am a white-haired old lady with a shopping trolley. Perfect prey.

Today a tallish attractive woman in expensive-looking clothes and white trainers plonked down next to me on the W7 bus, very close, although there were empty seats across the aisle. I had to move my trolley to make space for her. She wore a loose light grey knitted shawl or cardigan and a blue surgical mask and had long slim fingers and a topknot or bun, I think.

I was concerned at her constant fidgetting and invasion of my space and was not surprised to find that she had her hand inside my handbag which was on my lap and had been closed. I saw the flap rising up just in time.

I said to her: 'You are a thief. Get out. You were putting your hand in my handbag.'

She denied it but got off at the next stop.

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well done Valerie - think she must be the one I had on 341 bus in June and put alert on Haringey on line about. Facemask and terrible fidgetting

That sounds very unpleasant. How especially nasty to prey on the (apparently) elderly. Did you report it? There may be CCTV footage and they do take crimes against people of pensionable age more seriously. Here's the link:


Well spotted. Well called out.

As someone who works with two of London's largest bus companies I can tell you our buses are absolutely festooned with cameras both internally & externally and will have recordings of those getting on and off the bus.

If you can recall the route number/which bus you used you can then look up the company that serves that particular route. Call the company in question and ask to speak with the CCTV office in respect of an attempted theft. Give them the route number/ bus stop and the approximate time you got on the bus. They will ask you a series of further questions and then recover any CCTV from the bus. Fighting crime on the transport network is taken very seriously.

Good luck and stay safe. 

Scum bags !!



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