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Thankyou, David Parnell, for your suggestion, but I tried and tried for an hour to get through to the right people at Metroline, being guided to about five different numbers and a disappearing email address and ending up 4th in a queue on the phone, when I was cut off. Very reluctantly, I have to give up trying to talk to the bus police about this woman. I could give them a very good description of her. I also know the date, bus route and time of arrival of the bus.

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They just don't care!

Valerie I am very disappointed to learn of the difficulties you have experienced with the bus company. I have never undertaken any work for Metroline but my next door neighbour works for them at Potters Bar. If you have the route number then I can tie in which depot serves this. I am sure my neighbour can assist here.

Give me a call on 077 6137 3060 if its easier. Thank you. 

 I think I was a victim of this woman on the W3 bus a week ago. Ushered me to a seat next to her, then took a razor blade to my trouser pocket and took my wallet. Didn't feel a thing. Had an accomplice. More like S. America than White hart Lane.....



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