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Beautiful Betsy is a sweet female cat looking for a new home after her owner sadly passed away. Betsy is about 8 years old and says hello to you whenever you walk in the room. She's vocal and affectionate on her own terms and would love somewhere to call home. She's a real sweetheart. Betsy is deaf and has daily thyroid medication. She has been neutered and microchipped. Stokey Cats & Dogs think that she should have an indoor only home.

Update April 2019 - Betsy has been rehomed.

If you are interested in adopting a Stokey rescue cat please email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com and they will be pleased to send you an application form. Please note home checks apply.

Stokey Cats and Dogs are a local volunteer group who rescue local cats. It's vital that cats are neutered as there are so many homeless cats. They rescue cats and get them neutered, microchipped and rehomed. They desperately need and welcome funds donated by the community on their fundraising page here or you can donate via paypal to stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com. If you prefer to pay directly towards Stokey's vet fees at the Celia Hammond vet clinic you can call 0207 474 8811 and say that you wish to make a payment to Stokey Cats & Dogs vet bill. Stokey also have a Wish List on Amazon and have a Stokey Cats and Dogs Facebook group where you can read all the latest news on their rescue cats.

More Stokey cats needing homes

I post regularly here in respect of Stokey cats needing homes and photos.

If you can't offer a permanent home to a cat, Stokey also urgently need more fosterers - which means providing a temporary home for a cat until a permanent home is found. You don't need to have a garden to foster. If more people foster, Stokey will be able to help more homeless cats. Short term or long term fosterers are always needed. Can anyone help? Most of Stokey's rescue cats in need of a temporary foster home come from the streets. Stokey get them neutered, microchipped, treated for fleas and worms before they go to their foster homes. All veterinary bills are covered by Stokey, so foster carers don't have to worry about this aspect of looking after a cat temporarily. Stokey always provide a foster starter kit which includes a litter tray, cat litter, food bowls, blanket or a basket to sleep, and food). If you are interested in fostering please get in touch via email to stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com and they will send you a foster application form.

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is she indoors only or both?

Hello Mimi, Betsy is deaf so we would look for an indoor home for her. 

How much does her medication cost ?

It depends on the vet you use. Private vet chains will be more expensive, if you qualify for PDSA or CHAT it will be at cost price. It's possible to ask your own vet for a repeat prescription to buy medication on line which is cheaper but Betsy would require regular blood test to keep her thyroid in check. She is currently on Vidalta.  

Hmmm. I'll pass, sorry.

A rough idea of costs:

My older cat is on Vidalta long-term.  Cost of tablets online is around 60-65p per 10mg tablet - one a day.  The dosage varies depending on her thyroid levels, so it has been more than this in the past.  You can pay less online but I found those companies to be a bit dodgy in their behaviour - I'd rather pay a little more for a decent website that treats its customers in a proper manner.  Mrs Hill charges me about £36 every 3 months or so for a blood test to check the thyroid levels plus a £12 charge per prescription which is usually for 100 tablets - this still comes out as considerably less than buying medication direct from the vet.  Overall I don't find this unreasonable. 

Ahhh poor Betsy I hope she finds a good home! I am travelling a lot at the moment so can't look after a pet but fostering does seem like a plan. I am going to look into this in a few months when things have calmed down at work

Thanks a lot KP. Stokey desperately need more fosterers!

Good news - Betsy has found a lovely home.



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