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Best Turkish food takeaway on Green Lanes (N4 - N8) ?

Let me know which is your favorite.

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Hala every time




Try them maybe?

Its Gokuzulu!  so tasty and fresh! 

Has been Hala since the day they opened (and we've tried them all over the last decade). Devran is a close second as their shawarma style meat is fantastic

Hala! The vegetarian moussaka take-out feeds me for 2 days and every element is so delicious. Also the service is so friendly and efficient, hot tea while you wait for your order on a cold night :)


Just evening things up!

But seriously... try them - they are good

And, yes, tea for every customer!

I'd like to vote for Harran, which we have been going to for years. The food there is to my mind better than in some of the posher restaurants on GL . Large kebabs for two people with rice, salad, sauces and bread for about £12-13 and definitely the best lentil soup on GL. Brilliant.



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