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Does anyone know if somebody owns or has recently acquired a bengal cat in the Lothair Road / Venetia Road / bottom of Endymion Road area as one has just shown up in the street and we just wanted to check is was taken care of and not lost. Nobody has seen it before so I though it best to check.

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Does it have a red collar? Big old thing.  If so she comes around mine a lot  

I back on to those gardens 

Always out whatever the weather. I do wonder where she’s from. 

Thanks Nicky, although I think this one is male and definitely doesn't have a collar. I'll keep an eye out for the 'big old thing' too though just in case.

Could you take a picture of the cat? Is it possible to get close to the cat and put a paper collar on him? You can write something along the lines of : am I lost? Please call...and your number. If nobody calls and the collar is still on, you can assume it is a stray. I am happy to help you taking it to the vet and checking if he has a microchip. 

That's a great idea, just found this online so I might give it a go...


This is the fella...


Wow. Bengals of that quality are worth a lot of money. I have a pedigree one and he cost over £500. I kind neighbour left him to me in his will.

He noticed I was the best neighbour to look after his cat when it went walkabout in local gardens and houses. 


Cooooo! What a gorgeous cat!

Looks in good nick so hopefully it's just playing your cat up by sitting on your bin!

We've got a cheeky pigeon who deliberately sits in the tree staring at our girls whilst they lose their minds ha.

Looks well fed, so probably not a stray, but still worth checking.



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