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Caught this guy on my security camera taking photos and leaving. We're set back from the road and he wasn't delivering anything. I'm 90% sure he's casing the place to see if he can nick something. Since he hasn't done anything yet the police are going to do nothing, but does anyone have any tips as to what I can do to deter him from coming back?

I got the camera after my girlfriend had her bike stolen, so I'm guessing it's just a matter of time before they pay another visit. That time it was the same story when we looked at my neighbour's camera footage- N95 mask on despite being in the fresh air.

Woodlands Park Road area

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Hmm... sorry to see it happening to you too... we're on St Ann's road and had the same thing New Years Eve - 8pm. Two men checking out both mine and my neighbours place, both with security cameras as well... My neighbour raised with the police as he had decent footage of one of the blokes. Not sure what will be done about it yet, as besides maybe 'Trespassing' there probably isn't anything to do. Poor neighbour then had two men taking drugs in his doorway twice a few days later during the day... So I think he reported that too. Do hang on to the footage obviously... in case there is an attempted break-in.

Will do, thanks. 

looks like he or she was reading a text maybe. hope this helps.

Print off a picture of them and stick it where they can see, so they know you're watching. Put up a 'Beware of the Alsatian' sign. Get a couple dummy cameras and dummy house alarm (if you don't want to invest in proper system). Basically as many deterrents as you can think.

I've ordered some CCTV signs from Screwfix to put on the gate, which should help get the message across, thanks. 

Hi Godwhacker,

Are you sure this wasn't God doing his rounds on his bike and keeping a close eye on you?

Sorry my sense of humour doesn't work when it comes to people trying to break into my house



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