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I've been researching and writing up a piece about the Olympian Gardens that used to occupy the space next to the Queen's Head. I wanted to see what the old gardens look like now. Here you are. It's interesting to see the old Cinema from this angle. You can see the original facade and the 1920s one erected in front of it.


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great photo hugh, the cinema is older than 1920's ?

Great photo Hugh. I think the present facade was added in the 1930s- 1938 to be precise. Jim, the cinema opened in 1910.

Thanks, Jeremy. Less haste etc!

For real detail on the history of Haringey's cinemas, you should read Jeremy's well-researched book, Cinemas of Haringey. In the absence of that, before we had that book to read, I wrote a Wikipedia article on the cinemas of Harringay which you can read here. You can also see some images here.

The bare ground in the photo was my chief reason for peering over the hoardings, as it were. From about 1907 to 1920, that and what is now the car lot used to be the Olympian Gardens which was used for a variety of open-air entertainment. Some of the first shows given there were by one of the pioneers of moving pictures, who screened short films as early as 1907, using the same projector Edison used for the first regular show of moving pictures in England.

As an aside, what is the Queen's Head going to be?

I get it that undoubtedly flats, but the pub/bar level

I don’t know, but one of the guys running the car yard said that the workmen had told him it isto be split into two retail premises. 

Do we have short memories?

Did that used to be the pub garden?

It did and before that. For about 15 years, most of  it was Olympian Gardens, owned and rented out by the pub as an outdoor entertainment space (with a covered stage).

Videoed aerial view.

Thanks. Useful clip. Nice to have a drone pilot to add to our viewpoints. Would love to dig around in those holes. Not only was the north western part of the garden within the footprint of the old coaching Inn. Somewhere around the plot is where the medieval emerald ring was found

Very interesting, Hugh.

Do you or does anyone know which space exactly was occupied by the Criterion Steak House?

It must have been between the car dealer and the Queen's Head.



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