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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

This morning a lovely 'show' pigeon (i guess) walked into my kitchen from my fire escape/balcony thing...i am on green lanes above shops

big blue ring on either foot - no numbers at all

decorative beady ring with tiny bell on each foot

eating me out of corn flakes and crushed peanuts (advice from Racing Pigeon society)

drinking water

pretty tame

been wandering about for 2 hours now

any owners out there?


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pics added to original post

its just a pigeon 

but pretty ornamental foot rings with beads and bells and tameness setting it apart from street pigeons

Hi, perhaps try https://nationalpigeonassociation.org/ who might know why ringed but no number

thank you for following up - i have actually, they suggested looking at wing feathers for a printed phone no.

i captured it and checked  - sadly none present -

it was still around today but only on the fire escape in an empty plant pot and not in the flat itself  - it had outstayed welcome frankly

thanks again

have a good weekend



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